A Good Yarn – Book Review

A Good Yarn is women's fiction. I picked up the book because I saw the image of a basket full of yarn suggesting warmth or my mother, who used to be a knitter. I could never knit well, although I learned two stitches, knitting and purl, and managed to come up with a few baby items for my children. When I read this book, I longed to knit again.

However, the story is not about knitting, but about friendship, although knitting is used as a prop. The main character, Lydia Hoffman, has successfully fought cancer and she opens a store, "A Good Yarn," to sell yarn. In the store she also learns how to knit to a few groups. Brad Goetz, Lydia & # 39; s love interest, is the UPS driver who delivers. Brad has a little girl that Lydia loves. For the sake of her daughter and to the dismay of Lydia, Brad is doing well with his unfaithful wife to change course later.

I found the secondary characters quite interesting and almost as close to the main characters in the power of their portrayal. The rigid and prudish Elise Beaumont, the retired librarian, and her ex-husband and professional gambler, Maverick, form an interesting couple whose passion and conflicts catch the reader's attention.

My favorite character is Bethanne Hamlin, who after a painful divorce is confronted with the knitting class and becomes a winner in party planning with a magic from Macomber & # 39; s writing license. Bethanne's wayward daughter is helped by another knitter, Courtney Pulanski, an overweight depressed teenager who falls for Bethanne's son.

A little fairy dust leaves the reader on a positive note with the celebration of female power and success. The plot has a steady pace and makes the reader happy to read this book.

As a happy and gentle story, A Good Yarn is not at all frivolous or banal. Each character is very well developed and each character learns to deal with life in different ways.

The author, Debbie Macomber, with more than 100 books on contemporary women's fiction, has won many prizes. Some of her other books are: Cedar Cove, The Shop on Blossom Street, Heart of Texas, Return to Promise, Promise, Navy Woman, Buffalo Valley, Dakota Born, Orchard Valley Trilogy, Almost Paradise, That Manning Men, Moon Over Water, Angels Everywhere, Touched By Angels, 5-B Poppy Place, This Matter of Wedding, Morning comes softly, sort of miraculous.

The book is in hardcover and 352 pages with ISBN 10: 0778321444 and ISBN 13:

Although the end of the story feels more like wishful thinking than real life, the friendship between the knitters is soft and moving, making "A Good Yarn" a pleasure to read.

The cheerful Christmas rose is no stranger to cold, gloomy winters. He knows how to keep warm and he will also keep the teapot warm. The festive Robin novelty Tea Cozy is quick and easy to make and adds Christmas atmosphere to the kitchen or breakfast table, it also makes for a very unusual gift.

To make the Christmas Robin tea cozy, you have ...

5.5 mm, UK size 5 or US size 9 knitting needles,

50g brown double knitting wool,

50g red double knitting wool,

25 g white double knitting wool

And pieces of felt for the eyes and beak.

Divide all the balls of wool into two balls so that the yarn can be used in double thickness, but can be knitted as a skein.

The back
Use double thick brown yarn, cast on 28 stitches and knit 38 rows in garter st (Knit each row)

Leave the stitches on a spare needle until later.

The frontside
With double thickness brown wool, cast on 28 stitches and knit 4 rows in garter st.

Break the yarn and change to white (again double yarn) Knit another 4 rows.

Row 9: Work 6 stitches with white, Connect Red (double yarn) in red to the last 6 stitches. Knit 6 with white.

Do not wear the yarn behind work, instead use separate balls of wool and twist the yarns together when changing color to avoid holes.

Row 10: K6 white, K16 red, K6 white.

Row 11: K4 white, K20 red, K4 white.

Repeat the last row 21 more times.

Row 33: K5 white, K8 red, K2 white, K8 red, K5 white.

Repeat this row again.

Row 35: K6 white, K6 red, K4 white, K6 red, K6 white.

Repeat this row again.

Work two rows in white.

The Tea Cozy Top
Continue with brown double yarn over the front of the tea cozy and then the tea cozy back as follows ...

The top row forms: * K5, K2 together * repeat to the end

Next and every alternative row Knitting.

Row 3: * K4, K2 together * repeat to the end.

Row 5: * K3, K2 together * repeat to the end.

Row 7: * K2, K2 together * repeat to the end.

Row 9: * K1, K2 together * repeat to the end.

Row 11: * K2 together * repeat to the end.

Thread the end of the yarn through the remaining stitches and through the loop of the yarn itself and pull the knit tight and Finnish.

Sew the front and back with the right sides together and sew about 9.5 cm from the end point downwards along the side seam towards the add-on edge.

Sew up to the bottom of each side seam about 3 cm upwards. The holes remain for the teapot handle and the spout.

Cut out of felt two eyes (about 4 cm in diameter) and sew in position.

Cut a 5 cm long kite shape out of black felt and fold the fabric in half along the long edge and sew it over with small stitches. With the seam flat at the bottom and a slender pointed beak. Sew in place.

Now the rosy robin can keep your rosy lee warm all winter.

This new robin tea hat for Christmas fits in teapots up to 47 cm round and up to 17 cm high, a medium-sized teapot.

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