Women’s Sweaters of the 1980’s Compared With Now

The most striking feature of women's sweaters in the 80s was how BIG they were. In general, sweaters and cardigans were long and roomy and & # 39; sloppy & # 39 ;. There was plenty of room to move in and hide in them if you felt it was necessary! The 1980s were also the era of large, often padded shoulders that contributed to the bulky look.

Mohair, as a yarn for ladies' sweaters, was very popular at the time. It is not difficult now to see why it is no longer used so often, given Mohair's tendency to shed fine hairs that stand out especially on dark clothing.

Another feature of 1980's sweaters and cardigans for women was the patterns. Geometric patterns were very popular, especially clear and bold triangles. But not just triangles … there was also a mix of broad, colorful stripes and diamond shapes mixed together to make a bold and confident statement. Dramatic photo knitting was also popular, with mainly birds and flowers as motifs.

Women's sweaters are now more modest. Bold patterns are much less clear and solid colors are the order of the day. There are many classic styles to see, such as long-sleeved polo neck, round neck sweaters and v-neck. These are available in a wide range of solid colors, with wool, wool mix yarns or cashmere and machine-knitted in stockinette stitch.

Contemporary fashion jerseys are characterized by a closer fit than twenty years ago and the cardigans have large buttons … sometimes only one. A style of knitting that is common nowadays is the use of cable stitches of various sizes and shapes and also ribbed knitting. As far as sweaters are concerned, many examples of loose, turtleneck lines can be seen and a few hooded, knitted sweaters and cardigans are also available.

If you have inherited the plastic knitting needles from your grandmother, you can reuse them here.

  • Use them in the kitchen as chopsticks when you make Chinese food or eat sushi.

  • When you make your own cotton candy, use it as the stick to spin the cotton candy. (We don't want to use them on heat or in a fire because they are at risk of melting, so we continue to use them with minimal heat.)

  • If you are always entertained or have large parties, use them as mixers in jugs or drinks machines. make sure they match well with matching fruit and ice cubes.

  • Cover the sharp end with an old cloth and use them to clean hard-to-reach corners and holes, such as between the grooves of fans, vents and heaters.

  • Use the plastic knitting needles as pegs in the ground when mounting a tent outside. It goes deeper into the ground and is great for extra reinforcement.

  • They make large skewers, so use them to hold pieces of fruit during your next party. They add some color to your fruit table and go well with dips.

  • Buy some large beads and make your own abacus. Put them in the ground with the beads on them and leave them outside for the kids to play with. Make sure you secure them securely.

  • Glue wooden planks on it to use as signs in the garden. Children can also use it as a field in the ground to show where they last planted their seeds.

  • Make do-it-yourself flags or small texture books for babies & # 39; s by cutting old jeans, old t-shirts into squares or using another textured fabric. Sew a little hem on the side so that they fit securely over the plastic knitting needle. Fill them with three or four different structural substances. Use them as a painting cloth for the children or a sensory book for a baby. Secure the sharp end with a corkscrew.

  • Melt them (by boiling them in a pan with hot water) and once they are soft, they quickly form them in hangers for your doll's clothes. Start by forming the bottom of the pendant, leave a straight piece of about 10 cm exactly in the middle and bend the two ends in an upward curve. Connect the two ends on top and twist around each other. Make sure there is still a piece left to make the hook for hanging.

  • A plastic knitting needle can serve as a solid foundation when creating your own tabletop ornaments. Simply put them through an oasis of gardens or a foam base and attach your flowers to it. You can even stack fruit, vegetables or Christmas tree decorations in a triangular Christmas tree shape.

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